‘Why We Work in Construction’ – Claude and Ryan Van Pelt

Electrical apprentices and identical twin brothers, Claude and Ryan Van Pelt, discuss their careers at Hirsch Electric in Baltimore.

  1. Why did you get into the electrical trade?

Claude: I studied electrical courses in high school. I immediately gained an interest for the trade, and wanted to enhance my knowledge of the electrical field.

Ryan: During high school I took part in Sollers Point Technical High School’s electrical program, where I had an opportunity to work the whole summer before senior year with Hirsch Electric. I enjoyed the work, people, and education so much that I had started making plans to join the ABC electrical apprenticeship program and rejoin the workforce after my senior year of high school.

  1. What do you like most about your job?

Claude: The electrical field is always evolving–whether it’s code, a new installation system, or new technology.

Ryan: I love the fact that I can walk into a job site with a great company and watch something start from dirt be built into a beautiful building. There’s something about a feeling you get when it’s all done where you can step back with pride and say, “I helped build that, that’s my work!”