TEI Turns Historic Mansion into Shining Ivy Hotel

It’s always been hard to miss the grandeur of the Ivy Hotel in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. Most locals know it didn’t start out as a hotel, but as a private home instead, built in 1889 for John Gilman, a prosperous banker and industrialist, and his wife. Over the years, the magnificent property, designed by architect Charles Garson, changed hands, but its glow faded a bit. In 2013, the property’s last owner, Azola Companies, Inc., decided to bring new life and new inhabitants to the historic mansion, turning it into what is now one of Baltimore’s premiere boutique hotels.

To bring electrical capabilities up to today’s high-end standards, while maintaining the ambiance of a grand home of yesteryear, Azola contracted with TEI of Frederick, Maryland, as the electrical subcontractor to completely replace the electrical systems. The more than $3.5 million contract included replacing incoming service lines and power distribution, installing internal lighting, a fire alarm system, and a communication system.

TEI played a major role in the lighting design, including the installation of a sophisticated complex lighting control package. The TEI team worked closely with the owners and designers to select light fixtures that not only had a great look and function, but also worked within the existing wood frame construction. From the grand, 3-story entrance, to the spa, bar, wine room and throughout the 16 guest rooms, the lighting system provides luxurious illumination that speaks to the hotel’s intimate past as the home of numerous Baltimore luminaries.

TEI installed modern day technology in the Ivy Hotel, including Control 4, an integrating system that allows the occupants to control everything from lighting, music, curtains, and much more with just one touch of a button.  TEI also equipped the hotel with state-of-the-art security features, including security cameras, lighting, and an alarm. A touch screen pad puts all of these controls within easy access, ensuring that controlling this mansion-turned-hotel is effortless.


Take a tour of The Ivy Hotel and hear Jerry Fieler, TEI’s project manager, explain the complexity of the electrical work involved bringing this historical gem into the 21st Century.