A Wisconsin Lesson for the Trump Builder

A Wisconsin Lesson for the Trump Builder

“America deserves infrastructure investment free from special-interest handouts. By reinstating a ban on government-mandated PLAs for projects that accept federal funds, President Trump can make good on his election-night promise. With the stroke of a pen, he can begin rebuilding America’s infrastructure—with the help of all qualified businesses and labor at a price that’s right for the taxpayer,” argued Ben Brubeck, ABC National’s vice president of regulatory, labor and state affair in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Brubeck urged President Donald Trump to take a lesson on infrastructure planning and spending from Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and Iowa’s Governor Terry Branstad: Both signed legislation recently prohibiting state agencies and local governments from mandating “project labor agreements” on public works. To date, 23 states have passed measures against PLAs.

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Baltimore Business Journal and Washington Business Journal Launch Crane Watch

To track Maryland’s booming development and redevelopment across the city and outskirts, the journals created Recommended Site, an interactive map of construction projects both under construction and in the planning process. Users can filter their searches by property type and project status. A pop up window provides a detailed project description, address, owner/developer, cost, status, and estimated completion date.